Background Check Integration Solution – Hirelink by NCS

Hirelink is a platform where you can start background checks and check statuses without leaving your current system. We know integrations can be challenging, often due to the labor-intensive and time-consuming process of building them. Because of this, your current ATS or hiring solution may offset labor costs by charging integration, set-up, or ongoing usage fees. As a result, integrations can end up costing more than the background checks. One of NCS’ primary goals is to make your job as easy as possible. We receive a lot of feedback from our clients and by far the most popular request is to have an integrated solution to your current ATS or hiring solution. Additionally, we understand that integrations can be a nightmare to tackle. Because of this hurdle, we created Hirelink FREE of charge so you can enjoy all the benefits of an integration without any of the headaches that come with them. By using Hirelink, your job becomes easier because you don’t have to leave your current system to order background checks.

How Does Hirelink Work?

Set Hirelink link up by following the steps outlined below.
  1. Start by registering for an NCS Account
  2. Let our team know you want to use Hirelink
  3. NCS will create your Hirelink login and send you instructions to get started
  4. Add the Hirelink extension to your Chrome browser
  5. Through the Hirelink extension, request the authorization form and have it electronically signed by your applicant
  6. Choose your search package and the system will automatically run the background search you’ve selected
  7. View statuses and view results without ever leaving your current hiring system
Click on the video to see how easy it is to order and review background searches through the Hirelink integration!

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